I recently decided to test myself in solving common interview coding challenges. I started with FizzBuzz.


I read online about a lot of people who interview people who can’t program solutions to simple programming problems. I also know from experience when interviewing, that a lot of programmers are challenged to write code during a interview.

Why do programmers have a diffculty? There are many reasons. Your outside your comfort zone, stress of the interview, using a white board, the coding challenge is abstract to you, and etc. What ever the reason is for you, practice on a daily basis will help you think of ways to solve programming challenges that you may not face in your day to day work life.

So I decided to solve common coding challenges to see if I would get stumped. I started with the famous FizzBuzz challenge. I tackled this by solving with a quick and dirty approach which worked. Wasn’t hard at all, and even spent some time to make it input driven. Then I looked to improve my implementation and created another way to solve to shave off CPU cycles. Then I captured the execution time to understand the impact. I quickly learned that a simple improvement has a big impact to execution.

I learned a lot from this excercise. I plan on doing more of these to keep my mind sharp. I created a repository to contain the challenges and my solutions. Right now it only has FizzBuzz. Check it out.


Code Challenges